Jobs & Careers – Getting Started

Well, if you’ve navigated to this page – you’re in one of three positions: 1) your currently unemployed; 2) you maybe unemployeed soon or 3) you’re employeed, but evaluating your career and looking at what other opportunities may be a better match.

If you’re recently unemployed and you have an IMMEDIATE NEED to find employment (ie, you are not a student, or living at home with your parents) then you will need to jump right in.  Depending on the job you want (need?) – consider that it may take 3-6 months to land the job depending on a number of factors.

Note:  If you’re fresh out of high school, or still in college – you should be able to find a flexible local job to help you attend class AND earn some money.  If your just out of high school…and not planning on attending college, we can’t stress the importance of changing your mind.  Whether it’s a 4 year degree, or technical certification of some sort – you will be at an EXTREME economic disadvantage without post high school training.

Either way, let’s get you started!

  1. Assess Yourself to Determine Career Compatiblity
  2. Develop Your Brand (unapologetic self promotion)
  3. Begin the Job Search

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