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How much money do recruiters make?

Every now and again, I like to look at the average salaries for recruiters. Why? If recruiter salaries are declining, I know that the market is declining. If the salaries are going up, then I know that the job market is picking up (or at the least, companies are willing to pay more for the […]

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Are Recruiters Damaging Your Company’s Reputation?

How much time, effort and money does your company spend building and maintaining your reputation and brand name in the marketplace? When you think about the importance of developing positive relationships with customers, vendors, employees, community leaders, the media, and a variety of other groups, you have a significant investment… and, justifiably so. All of […]

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How To Source International Candidates

If you had to recruit candidates from overseas (and you did not want to spend money on a job board), how would you go about it? If you have no clue, then continue reading… I discovered some resources online that had me thinking in that direction. Are you aware of, The Global Information Technology Report? […]

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Avoid Hiring Impulsive, Troublemaking People

A pre-employment personality test that assesses applicants’ dependability can help managers avoid hiring impulsive people. Why should you avoid hiring impulsive people? Because impulsive employees create trouble by doing harmful behaviors at work. They – dislike following rules – including for quality and safety – cause accidents – say rude, inconsiderate comments – to customers […]

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How To Be a Bad Boss

There is a lot of information out there on how to be a good boos, but what about being a bad one? Check out this infographic that someone forwarded to me. Umm… Just in case being a bad manager is your career aspiration. (Smile) From: Become Career Related Posts Are girls smarter than boys? Let’s […]

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Will Social Media Get You a Job?

Social media has undoubtedly helped countless students and professionals build and advance their online presence, and in some cases, helped them secure new career opportunities. The keyword here is helped. Social media did not get them their jobs; it only helped them get their jobs. Unfortunately, many job seekers, having heard or read about job […]

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