There is a major difference between the woman who dreams and the woman who takes action and makes her dream become her reality.

The first woman will die with regret because she never pushed through her fear to make the move or change needed to achieve her dream.  While the second woman will conquer all of her dreams because she has learned the formula and applies it in her life continuously.

Fear is both immobilizing and liberating.

Are you the woman who jumps in with both feet and never looks back or do you play it safe because it is comfortable? The choice is always yours. Every time I take a risk and make a radical change in my life the adrenaline rush is exhilarating and terrifying. An elderly man gave me a simple bit of wisdom. He said it is important to change careers, houses or in my case men every seven years to keep life interesting.  The funny thing is that whenever I make a major move in my life I always think about those words and see what area it is that is changing.

Change can be scary, but also extremely exciting.

We all have varying levels of comfort and once you understand how you feel about change it is a lot easier to manage. I actually see myself resisting change all the time. Sometimes it is something as simple as where to move the fire pit in my yard or making the purchase of a new vehicle, but I initially always say no and I am irrational. We have all heard the expression if it isn’t broken then don’t change it. However, in my experience, you may not even realize it’s broken until you make the move.

Sometimes we cannot see an open door until the other door is shut behind us.

This holds true for career moves, relationship moves, and even physical moves. We don’t always have clear judgement until after we make the move and things work out or they don’t…but we always, always learn as we go. The clarity comes after the transition. I have had so many career changes in my life that I stopped telling people because they don’t believe I could have such a diverse background at my age. Let me just say that I know a thing or two about quitting a job.

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