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RALEIGH – NC TECH’s Diversity + Inclusion in Tech Summit spelled out the need for diversity, equity and inclusion. The Diversity Movement (TDM) and NC TECH are answering the call by expanding resources, access, and programming around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) through a strategic partnership.

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“NC TECH strives to foster growth in the tech sector. Authentic DEI initiatives and culture-centric leadership transforms workplaces by ensuring that every employee is equipped to contribute their best work,” explained Kurt Merriweather, VP of Products and Innovation at The Diversity Movement. “This has been borne out by research: Happy employees are more productive and innovative. Or even more direct – great teams make great companies.”

NC TECH is expanding its signature offerings to include TDM’s programming and resources to help its member organizations begin, foster, or enhance their unique DEI journeys. Areas of focus include inclusive communications, engaging executive leaders to establish DEI commitment and buy-in, marketing and branding from a diversity-led perspective using services like bus advertising, and women in tech. In addition, NC TECH members now have a customized portal of educational materials and videos for expanded digital learning, leadership, and educational content.

“Diversity is not an option – it is a business imperative, and it is important that technology companies lead this effort,” said Brooks Raiford, President and CEO of NC TECH. “Partnering with The Diversity Movement will help us assist our members. Together, we can improve the state of the technology industry.”

According to NC TECH’s 2023 State of Technology Industry Report, women hold just one-third of tech jobs but account for one-half of the state’s population. Additionally, 68% percent of tech workers identify as white, demonstrating a significant overrepresentation in tech roles in comparison to North Carolina’s total population.

“At the end of the day, people are our greatest asset. We cannot celebrate true inclusivity until all perspectives, lived experiences, and skillsets become foundational to an organization’s culture,” concluded Raiford.


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