Especially during the challenges of a global pandemic, it can be difficult to feel professionally successful in your role or career.

Remote work, time management problems, and constant Zoom meetings can deplete feelings of professional success you may have felt while working in-office.

A new survey from The Manifest found that there are several activities that could make employees feel more professionally successful. However, each opportunity is commonly underused by employees. The survey found:

  • 15% of employees have a mentor, and 20% serve as a mentor
  • About 8% of workers negotiate their salaries
  • 23% of employees partake in networking activities

Employees should consider participating in activities known to boost professional success in order to maintain satisfaction with their work. This article will provide three strategies to maximize feelings of professional success in your workplace.

Engage in Office Mentorship Opportunities

Mentorship programs are present at many companies but often underutilized by both potential mentors and mentees. These programs can help boost professional success and growth for both parties, though.

Engaging in a mentorship program as a mentor provides employees with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their training, leadership, and interpersonal skills. In taking on a mentee, mentors develop important soft skills that will help them as they rise through the ranks at the company.

Not to mention, being a mentor and helping new employees become accustomed to a new company and role can be incredibly fulfilling. Providing guidance and recommendations for the new employees will be motivate mentors, contributing to their feelings about their professional success.

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